The Research Continues …

Recently, I have realised that it would be important for my future to do some research in architect firms (and of course interior firms).

There is one particular website which has grabbed my attention; Continue reading

An Update – My First Interview!

I think it’s about time I gave everyone an update on what I’ve been up to this last week and why I haven’t been posting!!

For the first part of this week I have been gathering together all of my recent work to put into a portfolio. After this was all together and looking as sleek as possible, I set off for my first interview at De Montfort (Leicester) on Tuesday.

It was a great experience, but probably one of the most nerve-racking at the same time! The man who was interviewing me asked why I wanted to study interior design and why DMU. I told him, and we talked about interior design as a whole for about ten minutes – it was very informal, almost like a chat, which was such a relief.

Having had our conversation I was feeling very confident about my portfolio of work I’d brought along with me and felt quite pumped up to express my passion.

After going through the whole thing, he told me that he really admired my work and the variety of things I’d bought along. He said I would bring a lot to the course and that he is going to recommend me a place. This doesn’t mean I have a place, but it means that I am almost there!!

Going back to DMU felt incredible. Other than possibly Manchester Metropolitan, it is definitely one I can clearly picture myself studying at.

With the first interview out of the way, I am now feeling a lot more confident for the others!

(I will be uploading some pictures of my portfolio over the weekend).

My First 3D Model is Born

Today, I decided it was about time to create my first three dimensional model – with the inspiration from some modern buildings.

Having collected a bag of matchsticks from school and cardboard from Christmas – I was sorted.

I started with the walls and initial structures…

my starting point...

To start with, I didn’t really know where this would lead me, but I had to start somewhere.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the first stages…


Some of the walls, beams and stilts still look a little off balance, but I soon sorted this out when the ceiling and first floor was put in.

I added an initial ceiling to the ground floor, and then started on the walls of one side of the first floor.

Here is my finished model…

my first ever model is finished!!!

The floors and ceilings are sill a little unbalanced and I’m missing a pillar to hold up the first floor’s ceiling, but for my first model, I think this is a good start!!

Independent SketchBook

I thought I would give you all an insight to a few pages of my sketchbook (so far…)

Some still life sketches (all freehand) :

Two still life sketches

And also some three dimensional sketches which are a must for interior design:

Three dimensional freehand sketches

All of the universities I visited earlier in the year really emphasised a necessity in freehand sketching. Since that De Montfort open day, I have had this sketchbook glare at me everyday and therefore making me sketch more and more.