My First 3D Model is Born

Today, I decided it was about time to create my first three dimensional model – with the inspiration from some modern buildings.

Having collected a bag of matchsticks from school and cardboard from Christmas – I was sorted.

I started with the walls and initial structures…

my starting point...

To start with, I didn’t really know where this would lead me, but I had to start somewhere.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the first stages…


Some of the walls, beams and stilts still look a little off balance, but I soon sorted this out when the ceiling and first floor was put in.

I added an initial ceiling to the ground floor, and then started on the walls of one side of the first floor.

Here is my finished model…

my first ever model is finished!!!

The floors and ceilings are sill a little unbalanced and I’m missing a pillar to hold up the first floor’s ceiling, but for my first model, I think this is a good start!!

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