Nice to meet you everyone!! I’m Jess and I’m currently finishing my A Levels at Sixth Form. I am studying Fine Art, Textiles and Spanish. In Art and Textiles, I have an independently driven title and project.

I have chosen the title Microscopic Worlds for Fine Art (looking at the structures and textures of both microscopic environments and subjects – insects etc).

And for Textiles, I have chosen Precise Chaos (exploring three dimensional structures and how even the most randomly places arrangements are in fact precise and supposed to be there).

I have applied to University to study Interior Design (at Manchester Metropolitan, De Montfort (Leicester), Birmingham City, Northampton and Central Lancashire) to start September 2012.

Therefore, I thought I would create this blog to share with you my journey. You will find my current projects (see above), how my ideas are developing, portfolios and their developments, interviews… Every step that I encounter in this wonderful journey.

I am really excited to start posting properly and really get going with this. So please, if you like what you read/see, follow and tell your followers about my story too.

Thank you for reading my Blog, I really do appreciate it!!


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