The Pressure’s On …

Today, I have spent a considerable amount of time tying up lose ends from my coursework topics “Microscopic Worlds” and “Precise Chaos”. I’ve taken two contact sheets and written their write ups, along with finishing some time consuming artist evaluations.

I am glad all of the written work is completely finished for Fine Art now, but I still need to finish all of my practical work for the unit, photograph it and then mount that all up in my sketchbook – if I can get that back that is!!

For Textiles, I need to go out and quickly take a small contact sheet of photographs (which would have been in preparation for my final piece). When I am back in school I will need to borrow the drama studio’s lighting to photograph my final piece.

For the time being, I can write introductions to the exam title so I can go back to school and show my teachers exactly where I want my project to go and what it will be based upon.

I will also need to take some photographs of these ideas tomorrow; Fine Art – experimenting with different dyes (food colouring in water etc) and maybe different mouths (teeth which have decayed/rotting teeth). And Textiles – buildings (contrasts between historic and modern, new and old).

I will share some of my snaps with you tomorrow to show you how I get on.

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