Exam Titles Are Finally Announced …

Before the February half term started, I was given the exam paper for both of my art subjects so I could think about what I would like to explore with the title and start taking photographs for it. This weekend marks the end of half term, and school starts on Monday. Great…

The exam paper is built upon a title which you must explore/experiment with (this title corresponds to every art subject within the exam board – so for me, I need to think about what I can do for both Fine Art and Textiles, and they must both be different ideas). The paper also gives a thorough breakdown for each subject area with different routes that could be taken to base our projects around.

“Combinations and Alliances” – the title for this year’s A2 art subjects.

Combinations: The act of combing or the state of being combined.

Alliances: The formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations.

Both of these definitions are quite general, and therefore aren’t much of a help with ideas. However, I was given a presentation from a teacher about further ideas and routes which could be used to base our projects upon.

Deconstruction and reconstruction was one of the main points I picked up from this for Textiles as I have a keen interest in Architecture already… However, this is quite similar to my final outcome from the coursework unit which has just been completed, so I may need to re-think this one.

Rural vs Urban and Old vs New would also link and relate to this very well. If I were to explore these areas for Textiles, I think I would look at the environment and surroundings rather than just focussing on the buildings.

For Fine Art, I have been thinking about exploring vaccinations – the “alliance” of good and bad bacteria/germs and also link in the relationship between sugar and tooth decay. I think this could be quite an abstract approach to the title, which would definitely keep me interested and focussed.

Not only should I be looking for an idea which either has elements which combine together and therefore form an alliance, but also how they depend on each other and what would happen if you took one away from the other.

This is definitely something which is going to tickle my brain today… I need to start taking photographs and writing introductions!

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