A Quick Update!

A lot has happened in the last two months; interviews, exams and those dreadful deadlines.

So let’s start with the interviews…

As you already know, I have attended an interview at De Montfort University in Leicester and I was successful in receiving an offer of 260 ucas points (so about BCC – pretty reasonable and accessible).

My last choice – University of Central Lancashire – gave me an interview but because of its location I declined. At this stage I was already given the offer from De Montfort and therefore knew that I was happy with this even if that was the only offer I was given.

I have also attended an interview at Birmingham City University which was successful again, and therefore offered 280 ucas points (BBC – again, quite reasonable!) so I am very happy with these as I could see myself at either university.

Earlier this week, I was notified of a third interview – Manchester Metropolitan – later this month. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this AT ALL. When I started to apply to these universities I knew this was the most difficult one to get accepted to and therefore for me – a long shot. However, I am EXTREMELY excited to be given this opportunity, so I really need to enhance my portfolio further.

When I recieved my second offer from Birmingham City, I was pretty astonished… I never thought I would be in “demand” – as it were! – and definitely never thought they would enjoy my work that much.

The exam I sat in January was retaking my AS Spanish (inc. speaking) which I was quite confident with – more so than last summer!! The results come out early March, so we’ll see!

The two main deadlines I’ve had were for Unit 03 for both Fine Art and Textiles which was very difficult to meet indeed… Especially as I do both arts.

Now they’re all out of the way (for now!!!), I have the confidence to start my Exam Units for Fine Art and Textiles.

Check out my design inspiration blog: http://i-will-be-a-designer.tumblr.com

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